The correct way 

So after joining everything and hiding the tails I found out that I did the joining wrong on my carousel. 

And being a perfectionist I just couldn’t let it go. I was not satisfied with my piece and I had to change it. 

So I frogged all that I had joined and started over. 

This time I did it right and it’s so much better! It’s lying almost entirely flat without blocking. My previous attempt didn’t! I’m so happy that I changed it! Even though it meant a lot more work. 

I did it all in one evening and my arms and neck was very sore afterwards. But I did it and I’m so in love with this CAL again. 

Here you can see the difference of the two after joining without blocking. 

The carousel CAL

So I joined yet another cal. The carousel cal. I love it but wow it’s a challenge. I managed to finish part one and two but not without a struggle. In the picture above I pinned the whole thing down to get it straight. I hope it will work out in the end. You can see below how it looked before I blocked it.