Melting popsicles afghan 

I showed you this yarn a long time ago but I never got around to show you my finished blanket. This sweet roll yarn is so soft and the blanket is thick and warm and oh so soft! I love the way the stripes mix. I tried to control the color changes as much as I could. It wasn’t always easy especially when I had to change to a new yarn cake. But I’m very happy with the result. I have a load of Caron cakes in my stash that’s destined to become a melting popsicles afghan too. But I have so many other projects I want to do too so it will have to wait. 



I’m displaying my work 

At my job we have a display this month with a lot of homemade items. All of them made by people working there. I decided to display my lily pond blanket and my carousel blanket. It’s my first time showing my work to other people than my family and of course the 65.000 members of the CCC Facebook group LOL. It will be exiting to see if I can win one of the prizes for best work. I’ll keep you posted. 

A sweet Koala 

My colleague lived in Australia as a child. She recently visited the country with her dad. She is nuts about koalas and had showed me endless amounts of cute photos of them. She even brought back a small koala teddy that sits next to her computer. So I decided to make it a friend to sit on her desk at work. I came up with this one. I couldn’t find a pattern I liked so I made this one up using what pictures I could find on Pinterest for guidance. 


My friend is having a baby so I started thinking about baby stuff to make. I saw a picture of an elephant rattle but couldn’t find a pattern. I then saw this tree elephant and I new I had to try and combine those things. So I found a pattern for a bookmark and changed it a little to fit my idea. This is what came from it. It has a rattle box inside and a strap on top. I love it and I’m making another one in girl color just to be on the safe side. It’s still too early to tell the sex of the baby 😊 

The pattern for the bookmark:


I have fallen in love with hats lately. My 5 year old daughter doesn’t seem to mind 🙂 I made her this zebra hat. I used the pattern stated below for the hat itself and just make up the ears, nose and eyes. 

I couldn’t stop so a made her a bunny hat too 🙂 

I have plans for a pig but spring is near so I might wait until fall to make more of them. 

I did make my colleague’s daughter a simple hat with a flower on it. It’s cute. Same pattern just without the ear flaps. 

Pattern used for the hats:

Pattern for the flower:

Virus shawl 

I went back to my favorite shawl pattern. I don’t know how many times I have made this shawl. I fell in love with this yarn from Caron simply soft. The color is Martha’s Vineyard. I’m making the shawl as a surprise for a fellow scouts leader. I really hope she likes it. I’ll post a picture when it’s done and in better lighting.