My scrap blanket 

My scrap blanket is done. I decided that it’s for my little new car. I really love this pattern. And the way the black rounds make the other colors pop is just amazing. Thank you Ame Warren for being my inspiration and for being my friend! 



Slouch hat 

I had a lot of leftovers from my carousel. My coworker just loved the colors of the blanket when I brought it to work. So she asked for a hat in the lovely batik yarn. Of course I made her one. My daughter saw it and tried it on and of course she wanted one too. I made her one from a cotton/acrylic blend. The yarn is so soft and she chose the colors. 

The pattern:

Sophie my dear 

Some of you remember my post about my top 10 projects. Some might have changed a bit but number 1 is still Sophie. For a long long time I have wanted to make a single color Sophie. My problem was that I only liked it in white. And with a 5 year old and a huge dog white is not an option. But then I saw one in pink. I remembered this beautiful pale pink color from my lily pond blanket. And that was it I just couldn’t wait any longer. I ordered a bunch of style craft special dk in pale rose. I had one skein in the house already so I started yesterday. This is part 1 and I love it. 


Sorry for the silence 

Hi everyone 

I’m sorry it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been so busy. I crochet a little most days but I haven’t finished anything in a long time.

I’m almost done with part 5 on my carousel blanket. I promise to post a picture then! 

I’m also working on a scrap blanket. I have so much acrylic leftovers from all sorts of projects. I decided to turn it into a star blanket. I worked with this pattern before and I love it. This time I’m very inspired by my wonderful friend Ame Warren and her choice of color in her projects. Especially her Sophie’s universe. I try to think like her every time I pick my next color. This is a picture of my blanket so far. It’s on hold for now as I work on my carousel. 


This is a picture from part 4 of the carousel cal. 

The last thing I want to share with you is my latest purchase 😊 my cute little car I just bought yesterday!! I love its color and I’m going to crochet a matching blanket or something to keep in the car. 

That’s it for now. 

Have a wonderful day!