South Bay shawl 

You know I love my wolltraum yarn 🙂

I wanted to try something different with it than the virus shawl although I love that pattern. 

So I asked my Facebook group for their favorite shawl pattern and got many different suggestions. I chose this one. The South Bay shawl. 

In my opinion the design is a lot more delicate compared to the virus. My favorite thing about it is the little butterflies that all the holes form. 

This shawl is a Christmas present for my stepmom. I hope she’ll like it. 

I made this shawl from 200g wolltraum 3 ply with a 3 mm hook. 

The pattern for the South Bay shawl can be found here:

The wolltraum yarn can be found here:

Another Virus

This is my second virus and it’s really catching. I made this one also in wolltraum this time 4 ply with a 4 mm hook. The colorway is lemon tree and I’m crazy about it. It’s a lot smaller than the first one I made. This one is more a scarf than a shawl. I’ve already started a third virus this time in red heart unforgettable boutique. I can’t wait to see how it will turn out.

The pattern for the virus shawl is here:—virustuch

The wolltraum yarn can be found here:

I love this yarn 

Oh dear I made yet another order of wolltraum yarn. 

The picture above is my second order. 

I just love this yarn. I have already finished a virus shawl from it and I’m working on a South Bay shawl. 

The way the color gradually changes makes the yarn so unique and it creates beautiful shawls or whatever you want to make from it. It makes you want to crochet faster when you see a color change coming up:-)

I’ll have a lot of wolltraum on my wish list this Christmas 🙂


My new order came today 🙂 so excited!