My mandala madness

So I was not going to do this CAL…. 

But then came all the beautiful pictures on Facebook. I have never followed a CAL live before. And since I have no backbone what so ever I went through my stash and found some colors. I made part 1 but was not entirely happy with my color choice. So I made another one…. I was happy with that one. Then I saw all those different color combinations and I knew that I was going to make another one as well. I have so much yarn in my stash and I really wanted to use some of it to do this project. And I will. But I did not have all the colors I wanted to use for my second one ( third one if you count the first one). Sooooo I went yarn shopping today. 


This one was my first one that I’m not going to continue: 

The pattern is here: 

Mandala Madness CAL 2016

Simply a great day 

I have moved around a lot and sometimes you loose contact with people. People that was a huge part of my life back then. But lately I have regained contact with some of my old friends from school. This means the world to me. And what’s even better is that they have learned to crochet!! So today we spent the entire day crocheting together. How great is that?? I taught them how to make my favorite shawl, the virus shawl. Simply a great day! I made this little shawl for my 4 year old girl.  


Star Wars blanket 

I’ve been wanting to make something for my husband for some time now. Then I saw this Star Wars blanket. My hubby loves Star Wars and so do I. So this is the perfect project. 

I still have to finish my lily pond. But with this blanket I can just make one block here and there. 

I have a little problem with finishing my projects. I tend to fall head over heels in love with new projects and I love to start up something new. I guess I need to work on that….. Or not… 😂 but I manage to finish my things eventually…

I made the big block and two small ones. I have to admit that intarsia is not my cup of tea…. So I use mostly tapestry instead. I think it turns out okay like that. I don’t want to crochet over more than 2 strands of yarn, so sometimes I mix intarsia and tapestry. But I like tapestry better and it produces fewer ends. The pattern is using only intarsia. 

More pictures will follow. 

The pattern for most of the graphs is here:

Dragon egg dice bag

Sometimes I need to put away my big projects and just do something like this. Something I see on Facebook or Pinterest and think ” I just need to make that”. A Little project that I can finish in one night. I saw this dragon egg dice bag and thought just that. My husband and I like board games a lot, so these dice bags will come in handy. They are so cute and easy to make, great way to use my stash. I made these two in a couple of hours. 

I changed the top a little. Just added rows of sc and made holes for the drawstring. I also made them a little smaller than the original pattern. 

Pattern can be found here: