Virus shawl 

Made this virus shawl for a colleague of mine. Her mother is very sick and I wanted to cheer her up a bit. 🙂 

Sorry for the quality of the pictures. Finished it last night and wanted to give it to her today. So had to take pictures when it was still dark outside. 



Sophie my dear

My beloved Sophie is done. It has been a wonderful journey and I have learned so much! I started 9th of june and finished this week. I already miss her and I’m a little bit sad that it’s over. Its exactly like a wise woman said to me on Facebook: it’s like when you reach the end of a really great book, you are happy to know how it ends but sad that it’s over! That is how I feel. I know I can just make another one but it will never be quite the same as your first Sophie. Oh well now I’m getting a little sentimental:-)

She is made from 8 colors of 100% cotton 3ply with a 3 mm and 3,5 mm hook. 

Thank you so much Dedri for this wonderful well written pattern. The talent you have is incredible. 

The pattern can be found here:

Virus shawl

I’m testing my early birthday present and taking some pictures of my virus shawls on my new dress form. It’s actually a lot harder than I thought to find a wall that’s big enough with out any obstacles. But this is what I came up with on this very first photo shoot.