The correct way 

So after joining everything and hiding the tails I found out that I did the joining wrong on my carousel. 

And being a perfectionist I just couldn’t let it go. I was not satisfied with my piece and I had to change it. 

So I frogged all that I had joined and started over. 

This time I did it right and it’s so much better! It’s lying almost entirely flat without blocking. My previous attempt didn’t! I’m so happy that I changed it! Even though it meant a lot more work. 

I did it all in one evening and my arms and neck was very sore afterwards. But I did it and I’m so in love with this CAL again. 

Here you can see the difference of the two after joining without blocking. 

A trip to the beach 

My summer in Swanage blanket is coming along nicely. It’s my first time working with this yarn the scheepjes color crafter. It’s really soft and nice to work with. The beach is done and I’m working on the sea. I love this pattern! It’s worked with two strands of yarn and the finished blanket will be so soft and warm. I’ll post more pictures when I’m closer to the finish line. 


Summer in Swanage

So now that mandala madness is over I’ll go on to another project on my to do list. This time it’s the Summer in Swanage blanket. I fell in love with this blanket at first sight. The colorful beach huts and the sand and ocean. I absolutely love Dedri’s patterns. The way she writes it just feels so familiar and comfortable. And her designs are so beautiful. As you can see on my top 10 projects Sophie is number one and I actually missed following a pattern from Dedri. I have had the yarn pack sitting in my stash for some time now. And now is the time!!! I’m so excited! 

I have already made the first beach hut and working on number 2. I love it. 


Yarn pack:

The madness has come to an end

Last part is done, ends are sewn in. And of course I had to take advantage of the morning sunlight to take some pictures. 

It has been an existing journey that now has come to an end. 

I have another mandala that I had to stop working on to try and keep up with the cal. But due to hot weather I didn’t manage to keep up with this one either. But the second one will have to wait a bit. I have some other projects I really want to do. And I just decided to make another Sophie. 

I hope you like my spring mandala as much as I do. 

Thank you for following.