Crochet Pascal

My little girl is crazy about Tangled. She loves dressing up like Rapunzel, she got the dress for Christmas from her grandmother. I think she has seen the movie like 20 times already. Almost as many times as Frozen… So I thought she should have a little companion, Pascal of course. Actually I didn’t think of making it my self before I saw this pattern. I’m glad that I didn’t gave in and bought one. Look at him, he is a cutie! Great pattern with lots of pictures. Hope she likes him! 
The pattern can be found here: (it’s not a free pattern)


My daughter just loves tinkerbell so I just had to make this little fairy from my book of crocheted toys. I think she turned out pretty cute. The hair took forever to make but it looks great I think. The head is pretty heavy so I had to put a wooden stick inside the upper body and the head.  I chose to use two pieces of felt to make the wings, to make them stiffer. The legs have metal wire so they can bend.
From this book:


Crochet hook case

When I started to crochet I had only a couple of hooks. I made myself a little pouch to hold the hooks and my needles and so on. It was great. But time has passed and this nice little pouch is now at bursting point. I have been looking for a new case for my fast growing collection of hooks but haven’t found anything useful. So it was now time to search for a pattern instead and make one that fits my needs. Luckily the Internet is filled with patterns for crochet hook cases. I like the ones where every hook has it’s own pocket. And I love the look of crochet and fabric together. So now I just had to choose what kind of crochet stitches to use and find some really pretty fabric and matching yarn. And is there any better way to spend your weekend than going to the yarn store? I think not!

I found this DIY and I think it looks really cute:
Translated into English:
You start working in rows and finish by working the edge in rounds. 
Row1: Make a loose chain the size that you want your case to be. The number of chains must be divisible by 8. 
R2: turn and begin in the second ch from the hook. 1 sc in each st to the end. 
R3: ch 1, turn, 1 sc in next st, *now you make a bubble (in next st: yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over and through all loops on the hook), sc in next 3 st* – repeat from * to * until you have 2 st left, sc in last 2 st.

R4: ch 1, turn, sc to the end.

Repeat row 3 and 4 until you reach the desired size for your case. Don’t fasten of. 

Crochet an edge of sc around your work. I did 3 rounds of sc. Increase by 2 in each corner. 

I want my case to be closed by a button, so in one of the short ends I made a buttonhole by skipping 4 st and ch 4, sc in 5th st. Continue to sc until the end of round 3. Use a stitch marker to mark your starting point. Fasten of and weave in ends. 

Now you just find your favorite fabric and make pockets for the hooks. I made mine 3 cm wide like the DIY describes. Then you can store 1 large hook or 2 small ones. You can choose to make small and big pockets if you like. Entirely up to you. I chose a thread in the same color as the yarn. Then you don’t have to use invisible stitches when you attach the fabric to your crocheted piece. I just used my sewing machine. 
Put all your hooks in the pockets and fold  the case. Mark with a stitch marker where the button should be. Take the hooks out and sew it on. Done.