Monkey business

I love making these monkeys. In this post I will add pictures of my monkeys. So far there’s 6 of them. Number 7 is on it’s way. 

The pattern is in Danish and can be found here:

Number 1.
Number 2. 
Number 3.
Number 4.
Number 5.
Number 6.
Number 7. 

Number 8. (Blue)


Crochet along – Sophie’s universe – my favorite project

I’m in love with this project! 

In my basket I have at least 4 other projects I should be working on. 
But when I saw this on Facebook I went straight to my yarn shop. 
It is incredibly pretty and so much  fun to make. 
I love a challenge and this is definitely one. But the pattern is full of pictures and very well written! So it’s very easy to follow. 
I can’t wait to see the finished blanket but I think it will take a while 🙂
You can find the pattern here:
Here are some pictures of my growing Sophie: