Sophie’s Universe Book

This is my cherry blossom Sophie now. I love her so much. And today I finally ordered the Sophie’s Universe book. I’m so excited! And pretty exhausted. Yesterday I asked woolwarehouse if they would get the book. And they replied that they would the next day and there would be 120 signed copies. So I have been watching their site like a hawk all day. Finally at 3 pm it was ready! I ordered with shaking hands. LOL I’m such a nerd. But this pattern and all that it stands for means so much to me! I can’t wait to hold the book and I’m not going to start the next part before it’s here. 

This is Dedri’s blog post about the book:’s%20Universe%20Book


Sophie my dear 

Some of you remember my post about my top 10 projects. Some might have changed a bit but number 1 is still Sophie. For a long long time I have wanted to make a single color Sophie. My problem was that I only liked it in white. And with a 5 year old and a huge dog white is not an option. But then I saw one in pink. I remembered this beautiful pale pink color from my lily pond blanket. And that was it I just couldn’t wait any longer. I ordered a bunch of style craft special dk in pale rose. I had one skein in the house already so I started yesterday. This is part 1 and I love it.