Star Wars blanket 

I’ve been wanting to make something for my husband for some time now. Then I saw this Star Wars blanket. My hubby loves Star Wars and so do I. So this is the perfect project. 

I still have to finish my lily pond. But with this blanket I can just make one block here and there. 

I have a little problem with finishing my projects. I tend to fall head over heels in love with new projects and I love to start up something new. I guess I need to work on that….. Or not… 😂 but I manage to finish my things eventually…

I made the big block and two small ones. I have to admit that intarsia is not my cup of tea…. So I use mostly tapestry instead. I think it turns out okay like that. I don’t want to crochet over more than 2 strands of yarn, so sometimes I mix intarsia and tapestry. But I like tapestry better and it produces fewer ends. The pattern is using only intarsia. 

More pictures will follow. 

The pattern for most of the graphs is here:


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