Crochet hat

I decided one evening that my father in law should also get a crocheted gift this Christmas. So I made this hat.

A long time ago I came across this stitch but didn’t make anything with it at that time. I don’t know the name of the stitch. But it goes like this:

The hat is made in continues rounds. 

I used 2 strands of acrylic yarn and a 6 mm hook. 

Make a magic circle and work 8 hdc in the circle. 

From now on you work in the “third” loop on the back of the stitch. Not the two loops on the top. 

Round 1: work 2 hdc in each stitch around in the “third” loop of the stitch. (16)

Round 2: * 1 hdc in next stitch, 2 hdc in next stitch * continue like this for the rest of the round. (24)

Keep increasing  by 8 every round for the next 5 rounds. Do a round with no increases for every 5 rounds. Continue increasing with 8 every round till you have the desired size. Then work the rounds with no increases. 

When your hat has the desired size and length then you end the round by making 2 sc and then 2 sl st to even out the edge. 

I hope you can use this 🙂


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